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Why is the grace of a guru important ?

Why is the grace of a guru important ?

While there are many generic Paths to God, Gurukrupayog (the Path of Guru’s Grace) is the most
important from the point of view of achieving the ultimate in spiritual evolution.
In every aspect of life it is best if we have a guide or a teacher to understand, learn and progress.
Making spiritual progress too is no exception to this Universal rule and it is only by the grace of the
eternal Guru Principle (the Teaching Principle of God), acting through a Guru in human form that
a student makes rapid spiritual progress.
No matter what spiritual Path we are on, if we try and do it on our own, we can reach only up to a
particular spiritual level. Beyond this, the Guru’s grace is an absolute necessity to take us to the
next level.
Definition of Gurukrupayog
The word krupa has been derived from the Sanskrut word ‘krup’, which means ‘to be
compassionate’. Krupa denotes compassion, initiation or a blessing. Accordingly, Gurukrupayog is
the spiritual path, where through the Guru’s grace, the Jiva (embodied soul) is united with God.
Importance of Gurukrupayog
1. Time to progress
The most important advant-age of following Gurukrupayog is the time taken to grow spiritually. By
serving a Guru’s mission of spreading Spirituality, a seeker acquires His grace and makes rapid
spiritual progress.
While there is no worldly comparison to acquiring a Guru’s grace, the following example will help
in understanding the spirit of the previous sentence. Imagine a student who is poor, but by sheer
hard work he catches the eye of a billionaire, who then gives him a scholarship to a top university
and takes care of his career prospects.
Just as a student would be saved from years of making a slow climb up the corporate ladder, so
also a seeker who earns the grace of a Guru bypasses years of Sadhana (spiritual practice) in
any other spiritual path.
With Sadhana through any other path, we can progress on an average at the rate of 0.25% per
year. If we undertake Sadhana as advised by the Guru, we can progress upto 2-3 % annually. If a
disciple is able to acquire Guru’s grace, then spiritual progress of even 5-8% per year is possible.
2. Progressing beyond a certain level
There is a well known saying in Sanskrut : ‘Gurukrupa hi kevalam shishya param-mangalam’.
Which means that only by the grace of the Guru can the disciple attain his ultimate benefaction,
that is, spiritual progress.
It is impossible to reach the level of a Saint (that is, the 70% spiritual level) and dissolve our mind
and intellect, unless we have the grace of a Guru.
No matter what spiritual path one follows, other than Gurukrupayog, no path can purify the Mental,
Causal and Supracausal bodies 100%. Consequently, none of these paths have the capacity to
help us attain Moksh (the Final Liberation)
Other spiritual Paths such as Path of Action(karma yoga), Path of (gyanayoga) and Path of Devotion(Bhaktiyoga) are significant in a seeker’s life only till he is blessed by a Guru. Thereafter, since the disciple undertakes Sadhana only as advised by the Guru, only Gurukrupayog remains. All Paths to God
finally culminate in a seeker acquiring the grace of a Guru to finally merge into God.
How does Guru’s grace function ?
The Guru’s grace can function through 2 mechanisms :
Sankalp (Resolve) : Only when a Guru makes a Sankalp - ‘May this disciple progress spiritually’,
does the disciple make real spiritual progress. This itself is termed as Gurukrupa.

Even a mere thought like, ‘May it occur’ in the mind of the Guru is sufficient for the occurrence of
an event. Nothing else is required.

However, this is possible only in the case of a Saint whose spiritual level exceeds 80%. Sankalp
for Gurus at the spiritual level of 70% is mostly limited to worldly help for their disciples.

Astitva (Presence) : Mere Astitva, proximity or company of the Guru is sufficient for a disciple’s
spiritual practice and the progress to occur automatically. A good example for this is the Sun,
which awakens everyone and makes the flowers bloom, when it rises. This happens simply with
its existence. The Sun does not ask anyone to wake up or the flowers to bloom.

The mission of a Guru of a spiritual level of more than 90% is of this nature.

How can we recognise the fake gurus ?

How can we recognise the fake gurus ?

Dear friends as its important to know about Gurus or saints its also important to know about fake gurus and saints so today we will try to know about this aspect of spirituality also .
80% of the Gurus in society today are fake or without spiritual authority. That means they are at a
spiritual level much below 70% and do not have access to the Universal Mind and Intellect. In
some cases, these people may have a high ability to attract thousands of people by some specific
spiritual power they have obtained.

For example, a person at 50% spiritual level may be able to cure disease from an early age
through spiritual power obtained from spiritual practice undertaken in a previous birth. Most of
mankind in today’s era being between the 20-25% spiritual level are unequipped to discern
whether the person is a Saint or not. However they generally end up following the person who can
heal them or perform miracles.

For the benefit of an average person, we have listed some points that a true Guru is not. These
are a few points that will help you in finding out fake spiritual guides that can be understood by the
intellect and tested. These are some cases where these fake Gurus have exposed themselves by
their actions.

1. The Gurus who generate a feeling of inferiority in others and try to show off their greatness:

One Saint asks everyone who comes to pay obeisance to him their name and age. Once that is
told he says, “Both the answers are wrong. The name and age belong to the body. You are the
Soul. It has neither a name nor age”. Then he speaks on Spirituality and asks, “Are you doing
spiritual practice?” If someone happens to reply in the affirmative, he asks “What spiritual
practice?” If one replies, “The one recommended by my Guru”, he says “You were not able to
answer simple questions about your name and age. Then what has your Guru taught you? Only a
real Guru can reply to these questions. Come to me. I will tell you.”

One should tell such fake Gurus, “Actually your questions were meaningless! You asked me my
name and age only because of your awareness of the body (dehabuddhi), so I too replied with
awareness of the body”.

What kind of Guru is he who is unable to make out at the first glance whether one has a Guru or if
one’s spiritual practice is going on appropriately or not?

2. Those who have an attachment to wealth and women

3. Putting on false airs

One Guru does not use a watch because he does not want to be bound by the restrictions of time
and a watch strap. Yet after every fifteen to twenty minutes he asks others, “What is the time?”

4. Desirous of fame

Some people who have an earnest desire to be known as Gurus and are spiritually evolved to
some extent, recommend different kinds of spiritual practice to others. In most cases, they do not
walk their talk themselves. As a result, it has been observed that the seekers undertaking the
advised spiritual practice progress but the so called Guru remains stagnant.

5. Encourage dependency in their students

Some Gurus fear that if they impart all spiritual knowledge to their disciples, they will have no
importance thereafter. Hence they do not impart all knowledge to them
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Be strong mentally and spiritually.

Be strong mentally and spiritually.

Never speak harshly under the fire of jealousy. The mouth can be like a cannon, and speech more damaging than any exploding shell. Be discriminate in your use of words. People do not like to be told their faults. If guidance or constructive criticism isn't welcome, withhold your words. Otherwise, the more you say, the worse you may make the situation.

Thoughts can sometimes be more effective than words. The human mind is the most powerful broadcasting machine there is. If you constantly broadcast positive thoughts with love, those thoughts will have an effect on others. (Similarly, if you broadcast jealousy or hatred, others receive those thoughts and respond accordingly).

Ask God to put His power behind your efforts. If, for instance, it is the husband that is going astray, the wife should pray to God: "Lord, helpme to help my husband. Keep all taint of jealousy and resentment out of my heart. I only pray that he realize his error and change. Lord, be with him; and bless me that I do my part." 

If your communion with God is deep, you will see that person change. The more errant a person is, the greater kindness you should give. Instead of succumbing to jealousy and fear of losing a loved one, strive for right attitude and behavior, keep yourself physically attractive, and be strong mentally and spiritually.

"There are no obstacles: There are only opportunities!"

"There are no obstacles: There are only opportunities!"

People seldom look for hidden causes behind the occurrences in their lives. They cannot understand why they suffer. Suffering itself draws a thick curtain over their minds, obscuring its origins.

Only through deep, inner communion with higher states of consciousness does it become clear that all deficiencies, whether mental or physical, are the just consequences of a person's misbehavior in the past. A wise sage has the inner clarity to perceive the exact cause of every mishap. He can then prescribe actions that will remove that cause as an influence in a person'slife.

One who was born disadvantaged in any way should resist fiercely the temptation to wallow in self-pity. To feel sorry for oneself is but to dilute one's inner power to overcome. Instead, affirm, "There are no obstacles: There are only opportunities!"

Accuse no one, not even yourself. Blame and accusation won't erase what has been done; it will affirm, rather, your dependency on circumstances over which, truly, you have lost control.

Seek God in the inner silence. Reconcile yourself to what is, and to what needs to be done about it. You can re-shape every karma, provided that from today onward you live by soul-consciousness. Repudiate the dictates of your ego. They are forever grounded in delusion.

The closer you come to God, the more surely you will know Him as Divine Love itself: the Nearest of the near, the very Dearest of the dear.

Joy, health, and plenty as a son of the Ruler of the Universe.

Joy, health, and plenty as a son of the Ruler of the Universe.

While struggling, man must know that his struggle for health, prosperity, and wisdom is born of delusion, for he already has all he needs within his inner all-powerful Self. It is the erroneous thought that he does not have these things that is the source of his sense of lack. He needs only to know that he has everything already.

Once a healthy, wealthy, and wise prince dreamed that he was poor. In the dream he shouted, "Oh, I am suffering from cancer and I have lost all my wisdom and riches." His wife, the queen, woke up and roused him, saying, "Look, prince, laugh and rejoice, for you are neither suffering from sickness nor have you lost your riches and wisdom. You are lying comfortably at my side with health and wisdom, in your rich kingdom. You were only dreaming these catastrophes."

So it is the ignorant man. He is dreaming lack and failure, when he can claim his birthright of joy, health, and plenty as a son of the Ruler of the Universe. He is now living in God's perfect kingdom, but he is dreaming imperfection.

Love and forbearance are essential to the growth of harmony

Love and forbearance are essential to the growth of harmony

Love and forbearance are essential to the growth of harmony. Love nurtures all things that grow; it harmonizes and unites. Hatred agitates and separates; and indifference destroys what could have been made good and beneficial. Love is harmony and harmony is love. Hearts that do not love are never visited by angels of harmony. 

Love is the highest, the grandest, the most inspiring, the most sublime principle in creation. All human souls, the world, the whole universe, are attuned to the cosmic eternal harmony of love. Disharmony arises from ignorance of this divine unity, which is the heart of God pulsating in everything He has created. He is the love that flows through caring hearts, and the bliss that expresses as joy in all souls.

A Hindu sage said, "People have time to worry and to suffer, but feel they have no time to meditate and work toward being truly happy." 

Throw off indifference and cultivate love, forbearance, and wisdom. Build your joys on the sure foundation of inner harmony. Cherish no though that does not harmonize with the love and lawful ideals of God. Thus will your whole life be flooded with the light and bliss of the Divine Harmony.

Life's endless puzzle: deep meditation, and increasing attunement with wisdom

Life's endless puzzle: deep meditation, and increasing attunement with wisdom 

Most human beings refuse to be guided from within, by higher wisdom. Instead, they live influenced by the deeply entrenched habits they created in the past. Their lives, in consequence, are like balls stuck at the player's whim. As the ball in a game must go where it is sent, so mankind, habit-driven, has no choice but to live out the results of his karma as dictated by his own former actions.

Most human beings are slaves to their conditioning, which may appear as an outward cause but in fact has its origin within themselves. They are controlled by their habits. Although those habits were created initially by themselves, a habit, once formed, is self-perpetuating.

Very few people have any idea how insidiously their action-generated habits of the past influence their present behavior, their mental outlook, the companions and environment they attract, and what they mistakenly call their "luck," whether good or bad. They cannot see those habits welling up from deep in the subsconscious mind, nor how they silently affect all their present attitudes and actions. People - Westerners, especially - believe they have free will. Others - mostly Easterners - imagine just as erroneously that there is no way out, that all is Kismet: Fate.

But there is a way out! That way is to renounce the false notion that we demonstrate freedom by giving free reign to our egoic desires. In Karma's realm, Karma rules supreme. Yet human beings have the power to withdraw to another realm altogether, by attuning themselves with the infinite wisdom behind karmic law. This much freedom is ours eternally: to accept God and His guidance from within, or to continue to be guided by our egoic desires.

The more we live guided from within, the greater our control over outer events in the great game oflife. For when we live at our own center, in superconsciousness, we live in the only true freedom there is. In soul-consciousness we are no longer helplessly controlled by habits and desires.

To the extent, then, that we develop soul-consciousness, we free ourselves from karmic slavery.

Instead of accepting fatalistically the decrees of karma, follow the inner way to freedom. Meditate daily. Commune deeply with God. Learn from Him, through the silent voice of intuition, the way out of soul-degrading serfdom to habits.

How long - how tragically long! - have habits kept you fearful about the future. If unexpected fortune and misfortune in your life confuse you, seek the only solution there is to life's endless puzzle: deep meditation, and increasing attunement with wisdom through daily contact with the ever-free, Infinite Spirit.