Monday, February 7, 2011

How can we recognise the fake gurus ?

How can we recognise the fake gurus ?

Dear friends as its important to know about Gurus or saints its also important to know about fake gurus and saints so today we will try to know about this aspect of spirituality also .
80% of the Gurus in society today are fake or without spiritual authority. That means they are at a
spiritual level much below 70% and do not have access to the Universal Mind and Intellect. In
some cases, these people may have a high ability to attract thousands of people by some specific
spiritual power they have obtained.

For example, a person at 50% spiritual level may be able to cure disease from an early age
through spiritual power obtained from spiritual practice undertaken in a previous birth. Most of
mankind in today’s era being between the 20-25% spiritual level are unequipped to discern
whether the person is a Saint or not. However they generally end up following the person who can
heal them or perform miracles.

For the benefit of an average person, we have listed some points that a true Guru is not. These
are a few points that will help you in finding out fake spiritual guides that can be understood by the
intellect and tested. These are some cases where these fake Gurus have exposed themselves by
their actions.

1. The Gurus who generate a feeling of inferiority in others and try to show off their greatness:

One Saint asks everyone who comes to pay obeisance to him their name and age. Once that is
told he says, “Both the answers are wrong. The name and age belong to the body. You are the
Soul. It has neither a name nor age”. Then he speaks on Spirituality and asks, “Are you doing
spiritual practice?” If someone happens to reply in the affirmative, he asks “What spiritual
practice?” If one replies, “The one recommended by my Guru”, he says “You were not able to
answer simple questions about your name and age. Then what has your Guru taught you? Only a
real Guru can reply to these questions. Come to me. I will tell you.”

One should tell such fake Gurus, “Actually your questions were meaningless! You asked me my
name and age only because of your awareness of the body (dehabuddhi), so I too replied with
awareness of the body”.

What kind of Guru is he who is unable to make out at the first glance whether one has a Guru or if
one’s spiritual practice is going on appropriately or not?

2. Those who have an attachment to wealth and women

3. Putting on false airs

One Guru does not use a watch because he does not want to be bound by the restrictions of time
and a watch strap. Yet after every fifteen to twenty minutes he asks others, “What is the time?”

4. Desirous of fame

Some people who have an earnest desire to be known as Gurus and are spiritually evolved to
some extent, recommend different kinds of spiritual practice to others. In most cases, they do not
walk their talk themselves. As a result, it has been observed that the seekers undertaking the
advised spiritual practice progress but the so called Guru remains stagnant.

5. Encourage dependency in their students

Some Gurus fear that if they impart all spiritual knowledge to their disciples, they will have no
importance thereafter. Hence they do not impart all knowledge to them
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