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Who is a true Guru

Who is a true Guru

A true Guru will never demand any money or gifts from his devotees for giving initiation. The true meaning of "Dakshina" or "Guru Dakshina" refers to offering of your mind and soul to Guru's teachings and mission.
Guru, as such, is the provider of the force or speed to lead his devotees to the path of realization of the Creator. More than the disciples, the responsibility of the Guru is greater.The relationship between the Guru and His disciples is like that of the parent and child. In such a relationship there is no question of give and takes. As a gardener is happy in nursing the plants and flowers in His garden, so is a Guru happy in developing and training His disciples on the path of realization.

Guru arouses the dormant power in His disciples through His force. At every step He is put to test by His disciples. Despite suffering numerous insults, wounds and pain, the Guru patiently waits for resolving all His disciples' doubts and misunderstandings.

On the path of realization various difficulties and obstacles come in the way of devotees. The Guru clears and resolves all such difficulties and obstacles for those who are dependent on Him. In this world of problems and conflicts, Guru's message and instructions work as instruments for overcoming problems.

The real Guru is He who is free of prejudice, dogmatism, discrimination and superstition. He is brave and righteous in His thoughts, deeds and words. His thoughts and words are pure and true. He is the representative of the Divine Power.

His life itself is His message and mission.

The divinity and grace of true Guru will manifest in His day to day life and activities. His movement, thoughts and work will echo the Tune of Universality and Divinity.

It is never difficult to recognise a true Guru or Avatar. However, talking about a true Guru or Avatar, most common people think that such persons come from Heaven and they have Heavenly linkage.

By looking at a world map, one cannot claim to have visited various places in the world. Similarly, by merely talking about god, realization, enlightenment, divinity, spiritualism and so on, one cannot claim to have experienced the Eternal Truth and become a representative of Creator.

Those who true spiritual seekers, real Gurus and learned Pundits, they will never desire to become God, Avatar or Superman. Instead of wasting their time on such bluffs, they will devote themselves on the path of knowledge and wisdom to serve the humanity.

Divine Powers (Bibhuti) means the reflection and development of Energy or Force (Shakti). Divinity is not an imaginary or a fanciful thing, neither is it something supernatural. Divinity is within all of us. Life itself is Divine. The act of knowing, understanding, seeing, hearing, etc. are itself Divine.

The transformation of food into blood, blood into semen, the act of birth, the process of growing up, and gradual change into subtler and subtler elements leading to merging of all beings into the Great Space or Void clearly indicate that we are all existing amidst Divinity.

The regular supply of all necessaries of life by Nature, such as the supply of water for quenching of thirst, the automatic circulation of milk in mothers' breasts upon childbirth, etc. are all manifestation of Divinity.

The energy or force exists inherently in everybody. Hence, we are all Divine. We are all Great. Some are existing in the form of a seed, while some have developed into trees with flowers and fruits. That is the only difference between the so-called Godman and the common man.

Our mental faculty has great capacity and strength. It is from Mental force or Cosmic Mind that this earth and animal world has been created. The Mental force that exists in water, air, food, blood and semen, is at the centre of all the animal-world. Divine powers also arise from the same Mental force.

How is it possible that all the planets and stars float in the vast space without any support- Why are they not failing down- It is because the Cosmic Mental Power of the Earth is holding the Sun, and vice versa. Similarly, the Cosmic Mental Power of all the planets and stars is holding and pulling them together due to which they are able to float in the Great Void without failing down.

Human beings have more Intelligence or Discriminatory Power (Bhudhi) but less Instinctive Powers (Vritti). Animals have more Instinctive Power but less Bhudhi. What we achieve with our Intelligence, the animals and insects achieve with their Instinctive powers.

Birds and insects can fly instinctively. They are born with this Mental Force. This inborn Mental Force itself is a manifestation of Energy or Divine Power. When the police force becomes frustrated in spotting the culprits, they take the help of trained dogs to trace them. What a dog can do instinctively, scientific inventions can do little.
Similarly, while we may not be able to find out where we have kept the sugar, an ant would take a second to locate the smallest granule of sugar even if it is hidden in a secured place. Such is the instinctive power of a tiny insect, an ant. A snake has instinctive power to trace its' enemy wherever he may hide.

When any human being displays such Instinctive Powers, he is worshipped as a Divine Being. As a matter of fact there is nothing Divine or Supernatural about these superhuman powers. All beings have such Instinctive powers. Only in some living beings, some of these powers are inherently more pronounced than in others.

Nature's objects or Gunas are inherently existing in everybody. Nature has not deprived anybody. In certain persons such Gunas are developed in the form of Divine Powers and so they are regarded as Gods and Goddesses.

Any object through which the Creator's eternal tune or Nature's tune is reflected, there lies the God. It matters little whether such an object is a human being, animal, bird or insect. The ownership of Shakti or Divine Powers is not the monopoly of any particular living creature. Everyone has equal rights on everything.

From this aspect, there is no "superior being" or "inferior being". Nobody is small or big. In some, the Divine Powers are in the form of seed, while in others they are developed. Where they exist in the form of seed, it does not mean that those beings are without any Divine Powers. Once the veil of ignorance is removed in them and they are freed from superstition and prejudices, the Divine Powers will manifest in them also.

Therefore, Divinity is all pervading, universal and omnipresent. There is nothing new which occurs in the name of Divine Powers. The natural blossoming of the Shakti or Divine Powers is the purpose of all Sadhana or Meditation. And for that very purpose, this Creation exists. Everyone is therefore, bound to get the taste of the Divine Powers or Bibhuti.
If by regular physical exercise and constant practice, one can increase Physical Power and perform wonderful feats and stunts, why can't one increase Mental Power through regular meditation or mental exercise- Most people don't take the mental excercise seriously, and therefore, do not realise how easy and simple it is to develop spiritual knowledge and divine powers. Nature has not betrayed anybody, nor has it hidden anything from anyone.

Divine Powers or Bibhuti are not meant to attract others. Its purpose is to protect the Divinity of the Creator. Just as rays of the Sun are meant to protect the Creation, so are the divine powers.

Taking advantage of the fact that such Divine Powers do not come to all easily, often unscrupulous persons posing as Gurus or Spiritual Masters mislead the common people in believing various concocted and imaginative stories about such powers to serve their own selfish ends. That is why many people, such as the rationalists and scientists, reject the theory of Divine Powers.

There is no place for magic, attraction, or marvel in the manifestation of true divine powers. Some Gurus or Spiritual Masters dismiss the theory of divine powers and avoid all questions because such powers do not reflect in them. Such an attitude towards Divine Powers is also in appropriate.

Nothing is unnatural or supernatural here. What is regarded as "supernatural" or "unnatural" is also a reflection of the ordinary objects. Again no object of the Nature is "ordinary". Everything is extraordinary. We are great, and so is one drop of water, or one bit of sand because the same Force or Shakti is flowing within all the objects.

Just as the scientists use various instruments for discoveries and inventions, true Spiritual Masters use Invisible Mental Force as their instruments. Human body, with all its organs, such as mind, senses, intellect, conscience, etc is itself the most sophisticated and marvelous Instrument. Similarly, what scientists can perform with instruments, Enlightened Souls can do without the instruments, by use of Divine Powers.

The Enlightened or Higher souls are linked through Divine Powers that help them to carry out their duties efficiently. Those who misuse their Divine Powers for selfish ends, such as for fame or wealth and do not maintain the necessary balance in their use, perish in this world.

But those who have reached the highest state of Divine Powers will not lack the knowledge of the right use of such powers. Only they are capable of maintaining a "proper balance" in all their actions. Through their own Shakti and Divine Powers they discharge their duties efficiently and come back to their original form after their mission is fulfilled. In such Souls, the Divine Powers always manifest like the fragrance of a flower.

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